Moisture Meter G-won Honey


Agriculture Moisture Meter
G-won | Honey Moisture Meter
Product Description

With checking out the moisture content in honey accurately and quickly,

- To keep the same content of moisture as the market wants in production & dryness.
- To economize times & expenses in dryness.
- To prevent deterioration & decay caused by moisture at storage & in trade.
- To determine the price by quality according to the moisture content in trade.
- To enhance convenience & efficiency on processing.
- To choose the honey to suit end-consumers' tastes.

Product Feature

- Measaring by micro-computer.   
- Easy to use, quick to read & compact.   
- Large Digital LCD displays.   
- Low battery sign appears.   
- Measuring up to 40%

Product Specification / Models

- Measuring Range:12.0% ~ 40.0% 
- Accuracy: ±0.2%  
- Resolution:0.1%  
- Power Source: Battery 9V x 1EA  
- Display: Large Digital LCD  
- Temperature Compensation: Auto 
- Dimensions:154(L) x 108(W) x 43(H) mm  
- Weight: Approx.1Kg

Marga Setia
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Alamat : Jalan H.Kelik No.20 RT.03 / RW.08 Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat
Telp : 082124100046
Wa : 082124100046

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