Proving Ring , Dial Indicator

Proving Ring , Dial Indicator

Proving Ring
Precision measuring device, high grade steel with plated finishing 3/4″ tapped hole at both end. Supplied complete with dial and calibration chart.
RG-101.1Proving Ring100kg capacity
RG-101.2Proving Ring250lbs capacity
RG-101.3Proving Ring500lbs capacity
RG-101.4Proving Ring1.000lbs capacity
RG-101.5Proving Ring2.000lbs capacity
RG-101.6Proving Ring6.000lbs capacity
RG-101.7Proving Ring10.000lbs capacity
Dial Indicator
RG-130Dial Indicator0.2 in.x0.0001 in.
RG-131Dial Indicator1.0 in.x0.0100 in.
RG-135Dial Indicator10 mmx0.01 mm
RG-136Dial Indicator20 mmx0.01 mm
RG-137Dial Indicator30 mmx0.01 mm
RG-138Dial Indicator50 mmx0.01 mm
RG-140 dial Holder
Chrome plated shaft with simple clamping device.
Powerful magnet with on-off switch. Precision ground surface.
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