Paint Coating Thickness Gauge CEM Instruments DT-156

Paint Coating Gauge untuk mengukur ketebalan cat pada permukaan

Ideal untuk bengkel cat, mobil, kapal, lab manufaktur, dan maintenance tangki

Kami ada tipe DT-156 dan DT-156H. Untuk komparasi keduanya bisa dicek di tabel dibawah


This compact Professional Gauge is designed for non-destructive, fast and highly accurate coating thickness measurement.

The principal aplications lie in the field of corrosion protection. Ideal for paint shops & electroplaters, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding and aircraft industry

CEM Instrument DT-156 gauge are suitable for laboratory, workshop & outdoor use. It works either on magnetic induction principle and on eddy current principle, depends on probe used. DT-156 uses only 1 probe for both ferrous & non-ferrous metal substrates. Probe can be selected manually or automatically.

Stores 400 memory values and display 5 statistics ( AVG, MAX, MIN, S.DEV and Number of reading in work mode). It comes with software CD and USB cable for transferring collected data to computer for later analysis or data printing.


Non-magnetic coatings (e.g. paint, zinc) on steel
Insulating coatings (e.g. paint, anodizing coatings) on no-ferrous metals
No-ferrous metals coatings on insulating substrates
Easy MENU operation system
Statistics Display : AVG, MAX, MIN, S.DEV and Number of readings in work mode
Two measuring mode : CONTINUOUS and SINGLE mode
Two Operating/working mode :
Direct mode : recommended for simple, quick & occasional measurements. Though can't be saved but hold up to 80 current readings + 5 statistics values
GROUP mode : permits measurement & storage of readings in a memory. 4 memory groups, 80 saved readings for each group
Blue backlight display
One-point calibrating and two-point calibrating independently for each working mode
Zero calibration
400 Memory readings (80 DIRECT and 320 GROUP readingS)
Delete functions
delete current data or last reading
delete all data and statistics of current work mode
delete group data including high & low alarm set value and 1 & 2 point calibrations
High alarm and Error indication
V-Groove on probe for small cylindrical parts
Disable Auto-Power-Off function via MENU setting
USB interface for PC software (compatible with windows 98/2000/xp/Vista/Win7)
Built with highest quality electronics
Conforms with the following industrial standards:
GB/T 4956-1985
GB/T 4957-1985
JB/T 8393-1996
JJG 889-95
JJG 818-93

  Sensor Probe F NF 
  Working Principle Magnetic induction Eddy Current principle
  Range 1250um 0~1250um
  0~49.2mils 0~49.21mils
 Guaranteed Tolerance

(of reading)

0 ~ 850 µm (±3% + 1µm); 850 ~ 1250µm (±5%)
0 ~ 33.46 mils (±3% + 0.039mils) 33.46~49.21mils (±5%)
0.50um(0.1um)    50~850um(1um)   850~1250um(0.01mm)

  0~1.968mils(0.001mils)   1.968~33.46mils(0.01mils)
Min.curvature radius

  1.5mm   3mm
  Diameter of Min.area   7mm   5mm
  Min.thickness of substrate    0.5mm 0.3mm  
  Low range Precision 0.1µm                              0.1µm
    Working Temperature   0~40°C (32~104°F)
  Working Relative Humidity 20~90% RH  
  Size 110 x 50 x 23mm
  Weight 100g

Set Includes:

1 x Paint Coating Thickness Tester
5 x Calibration Foil
1 x Iron Substrate
1 x Aluminum Substrate
1 x Protective Carrying Case
1 x USB cable
1 x CD Software
2 x 1.5V AAA Battery
Instruction Manualv

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