PCE-THB 40 Thermohygrometer and barometer

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PCE-THB 40 Thermohygrometer and barometer
Thermometer, humidity meter and barograph with memory (max. 16 GB, SD card) / large LCD display / diverse measuring units / powered by battery or mains operation (option)

The PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer can detect ambient temperature and humidity as well as barometric pressure and saves the measuring results in the SD card. The PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer is a compact data logger with a wide memory capacity (max. 16 GB in the SD card) which is the ideal tool for long-term records in the industrial sector (refrigerated show counters, refrigerated transports and warehouses) and also for other measurements within the industrial sector (heating and cooling processes, temperature in machines, warehouses, etc). The current measurement value is directly shown in the LCD display of the PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer to allow for a direct reading of the value. Recorded values can be directly transfered to a PC or portable computer for graphic or simply further analysis (xls file in the SD card). It is also possible to check if the values in the columns exceed any limit to detect if the cold chain has been interrupted within the food sector and if so, for how long it has been interrupted. The PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer has an internal clock to ensure high accurate results. Measurement quota can be freely adjusted. Electronics is protected against shocks.
- Measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
- Memory with possibility of real time registration with memory card ( 1 to 16 GB)
- Recorded data are directly saved in Excel format in the SD card
- Selection of pressure units: hPa, mmHg and inHg
- Low battery indicator
- Large LCD display
- Measurement quota can be adjusted
- Easy-to-use
- Solid case
- Optinal software to transfer real time data to a PC or portable computer (any software is needed for the analysis of the recorded data) 
Here you can see how to introduce the SD card inside the PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer.
Technical Specification :
Measurement ranges
Temperature :0 ... + 50°C
Relative humidity in air :10 ... 90 % H.r.
Barometric pressure :10 ... 1,100 hPa (mbar)
Temperature :0.1 ºC
Relative humidity in air :0.1% H.r.
Barometric pressure :0.1 hPa at 1,000 hPa (1 hPa)
Temperature :±0,8 °C
Relative humidity in air :±4 % H.r.
(>70 % H.r., but ±4 % H.r.)
Barometric pressure :±2 hPa at 1,000 hPa, but ±3 hPa
Measurement quote :5,10, 30, 60, 120, 300 or 600 seconds, or automatic (it stores a data when there is an alteration of the value of ±1 ºC, ±1 % H.r. or ±1 hPa)
Memory :flexible with a SD memory card from 1 ... 16 GB
(a 2 GB SD card is included in the delivery)
Operating temperature :0 ... +50 ºC; <90 % H.r.
Power :6 x 1.5 AAA batteries / 9 V
mains adapter (option)
Dimensions :132 x 80 x 32 mm
Weight (with battery) :285 g
 PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer: software diagram
The PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer can be fully configured through the keypad of the meter. This means that date and time can be set. Data is saved in the SD memory card in xls table. Below, you can see an image of a table. Thanks to the xls format it is possible to create a graphic with all the parameters simultaneously without any additional software.
PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer: Use of the data logger
Delivery contents
1 x PCE-THB 40 thermohigrometer and barometer
1 x 2GB SD card
1 x Card reader
1 x wall support
6 x batteries
1 x user’s manual
 PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer: Delivery contents
Additional components
- Software-Kit
The kit includes a software for transferring weighing data to a PC or Portable and a RS-232-cable. The transferred data can also be sent to other calculation software such as Excel ...
 PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer: Software-Kit
- ISO laboratory calibration certificate
For companies that wish to incorporate the device into their array of internal quality control tools or for annual recalibrations. The ISO certificate includes a calibration and a document containing all the readings taken as well as the company details (barometric and thermohigrometric function).
PCE-THB 40 thermohygrometer and barometer: ISO calibration certificate
- Mains component
Mains component to test both temperature and humidity (230 V / 50 Hz). This is ideal for the continuous recording of measurement values.

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