JUAL MURAH 082124100046 Digital Manometer Benetech GM520

High spec Manometer dari Benetech
Mengukur -350 kPa sampai +350kPa
11 selectable pressure units: bar?mbar?kPa?kgf/cm²?mmHg?cmH2O?Ozf/in²? psi?inHg?inH2O?ftH2O. This unit features data save and adjustment, automatic turn-off, connect to PC to read and export the data with USB.
Large LCD
Data hold
With differential mode and record mode
USB port
Reset and data adjustment
Low battery indication and automatic power off
Manometer GM520
Measuring range: -350kPa to +350kPa
Accuracy: +-0.3%FSO(25c)
Repeatability: +-0.2%(Maximum +/- 0.5%FSO)
Maximum Pressure: 150kPa
Linearity/hysteresis: +-0.29%FSO
Response: Typical 0.5 s
Low battery indication
USB communication
Up overload indication: Err1
Down overload indication: Err2
Operating temperature: 0~50c
Storage temperature: -10~60c
Power supply: 1.5V AAA battery*4

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