Kompas Geologist Freiberg

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Spesifikasi Kompas Geologist Freiberg

Model Freiberg Geologist Compass c/w case.
The Geological compass secures by handy format and case measuring plate convenient handling than single-circuit and double circuit compass. It is suitable for general field geological work and for special structural geology, deposit-tectonic and ingenieurgeologisch- rock mechanical work.
Hasil gambar untuk Jual Kompas Geologist FreibergHave a pendulum inclinometer, the declination can be adjusted by means of gear drive. Its needle is equipped to eliminate the inclination with a sliding copper weight. The pitch can be adjusted so that the declination can be set. In the compass housing is a clinometer for slope high precision measurements. A circular level and a side-mounted plate level possible even when in hard to reach measuring points, a leveling of the instrument. The case measuring plate is next to the measuring of angles case also for the protection of the cover glass.

proven and practical
o    sanded magnetic needle, on edge
o    Locking of the magnet system possible
o    simple adjustment of the pitch circles
o    possible by lockable inclinometer tilt measurements greater accuracy
o    Colored label of height circle and magnetic needle guarantee clarification of the case, the direction of geological formations
o    Spirit level for leveling
o    lateral plate level for measurements in hard to reach places
o    Case measuring plate as a protection of the cover glass and case for the measurement of angles.
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Technical specifications

Compass pitch  
counterclockwise, numberedevery 10 ° (10 gon)
diameter45 mm
scale value2 ° (2 gon)
estimate0.5 ° (0.5 gon)
Height pitchin case measuring plate
diameter22 mm
scale value5 ° (5 gon)
estimate1 ° (1 gon)
measuring range± 90 ° (± 100 gon)
scale value2 ° (2 gon)
estimate0.5 ° (0.5 gon)
leading edge  
pitch length70 mm
scale value1 mm
Settling of the magnetic needle<50 s
Accuracy of the indication of direction± 0.5 ° (± 0.5 gon)
tilting the225 ° (250 gon)
Case measuring plate
Specifying the circular levelabout 40 '
Specifying the plate levelapprox 60'
Dimensions93 x 76 x 22 mm
weight0.28 kg
Pocket104 x 91 x 45 mm

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