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Kestrel Meter 1000 Wind Meter

The Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter is the base model in our extensive assortment of Kestrel pocket weather meters. Simple and compact, the Kestrel 1000 fits right into the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 65 grams. It's also extremely durable and totally waterproof, allowing you to measure wind speeds in even the harshest weather conditions. Waterproof and floats. 

Convenient and reliable, the Kestrel 1000 is the perfect tool for model plane pilots, kite boarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts who rely on accurate wind speed information. A hard slide-on case, lanyard, and battery are included.

The Kestrel 1000 is the most common for a DZSO (Drop Zone Safety Officer)

Winds can be measured on any Kestrel up to 135 mph.   NK only guarantees the accuracy of the measurement to be within tolerance up to 89 mph.   Also at those speeds, it is not recommend any prolonged exposure as it could damage the impeller at those speeds for any prolonged length of time.   It is similar to being able to measure very hot temperatures outside of the spec range but do not do it for any extended time.


Every Kestrel Meter features a large, 1” impeller mounted on a sapphire jewel bearing, which means it starts rotating with the slightest puff of air. This patented impeller is user-replaceable by simply pushing it out with your thumbs, which means it can easily be replaced if it is damaged or worn.  The measurements from the wind impeller are taken magnetically.  The impeller is not glued or attached to the unit.  Because every new impeller is calibrated in the wind tunnel at the USA factory, if your application demands regular calibration, simply pop in a new impeller and the Kestrel Wind Meter is restored to like-new factory calibration standards. The Kestrel 1000 can easily be switched between mph, km/h, ft/min, m/s, knots and Beaufort.

For nearly 20 years on the portable weather meter market, the Kestrel 1000 is still one of the most reliable handheld weather meters.


    Current Wind speed
    Maximum wind gust
    Average 3 Second wind speed


Resolution     Operational Range     Specification Range 
0.1 m/s     0.6 to 60.0 m/s     0.6 to 40.0 m/s
1 ft/min     118 to 11,811 ft/min     118 to 7,874 ft/min
0.1 km/h     2.2 to 144.0 km/h     2.2 to 144.0 km/h
0.1 mph     .3 to 134.2 mph     1.3 to 89.5 mph
0.1 knots     1.2 to 116.6 knots     1.2 to 77.8 knots
1 B     0 to 12 B     0 to 12 B
The Kestrel Meter 1000 Wind Meter measures/features

    Current Wind Speed
    Average Wind Speed
    Maximum Wind Gust
    Protective cover with sure-grip overmolding
    Data hold function
    Large easy-to-read display
    Waterproof and floats
    Patented user-replaceable impeller
    Wide range of wind speeds and low startup speed
    Reliable, portable, and easy to use
    All instruments and accessories are completely assembled in the USA

Kestrel Meter 1000 Includes

    A slip-on protective cover
    Neck lanyard
    CR2032 coin cell battery (Average life 300 hours)

Kestrel Meter 1000 Additional Information 

    Kestrel 1000 (PDF) Instruction Manual English
    Kestrel 1000 Archived (PDF) Instruction Manuals English | French | Spanish | German | Italian
    Kestrel Meters Detailed Specs / Certificate of Conformity (All Meters, PDF)
    Kestrel Meters Catalog (PDF) 
    RoHS CERTIFICATE of Compliance
    Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.7 in. / 122 x 42 x 18 mm
    Weight: 2.3 Ounces / 65 Grams
    Model: Kestrel 1000 Part # 0810
    Place of Origin: USA

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