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Waterpass Digital DWL 5000 XY

 2-Axis Precision Inclination Sensor Module - Model: DWL 5000XY
Digi-Pas® DWL-5000XY is a 2-Axis Precision Inclination Sensor Module of accuracy (0.01° or 180µm/M or 36 arcsec) that specifically designed to be integrated into a machine/equipment/structure for real-time simultaneous display and manipulation of 2D levelling status, angular readings & vibration measurement.
Technical Specification:

  Measuring range from 0° ~ ±90° (Single-Axis); 0° ~ ±15° (Dual-Axis)
  Resolution of    0.01° (175 µm/M) (0.002 in/feet)
   Accuracy: ± 0.01° at 0° to 2.00°; ± 0.03° at other angles
   Multiple I/O communication protocols i.e. USB, RS232, RS485 & (optional) Bluetooth connectivity
   IP65 certified - waterproof protection
   Response time at 10mSec.
   Shock/Impact Test survives over 3,000g to 6,000g
   Built-in vibrometer for real time vibration measurement
   User-friendly PC-based programmable software Benefit:

    Ter than conventionally known as two independent single-axis. Digi-Pas® 2-axis intelligent inclination modules having high precision and wide measurement range are capable of providing real-time levelling, angular & vibration readings that empower application engineers to continuously measure and monitor machine/equipment/structure angular positional status precisely and speedily.
    These small footprint, 2-axis and high shock resistant MEMS driven inclination sensor modules effectively eliminate limitations associated with using multiple single-axis sensors or bulky pendulum/servo-based sensors to achieve precise 2D levelling and planar angular measurements.
    Digi-Pas® 2-axis inclination sensor module system (Sensor Module + Control Box) is designed to be integrated into precision machine/equipment/structure enabling application engineers to instantly access angular positional readings (+ an optional PC Sync Pro Software to extract and store data in Excel format) without the need for tedious and time-consuming programming. 
    The angular measurement system enables user-defined settings to activate/control any external connected peripheral devices at ease (see below suggested diagram). Alternatively, experienced engineers/experts may choose to download Digi-Pas Dynamic-Link Library to link with your own coding to directly extract measurement readings from sensor modules (without Control Box & PC Sync Software). 
    DWL-5000XY Series Inclination Sensor Modules accuracy is verified by accredited 3rd party independent calibration & test bodies and National Metrology Centre traceable to SI standard and NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN under CIPM MRA

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