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  1. The CCM-200 plus provides fast, reliable, nondestructive chlorophyll content measurement.

        Measure Chlorophyll Content Reliably and Nondestructively
        Great for Nitrogen and Fertilizer Management Programs
        Used for Determination of Optimal Harvesting Time
        Comparative Measurement for Plant Health and Plant Breeding
        Anthocyanin Content Version Available

    CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter
    • Measure Chlorophyll in Intact Samples
    • Evaluate and Determine Nutrient

    Performance and Requirements
    • Teaching and Research
    • Monitor Effects of Environmental Stress

    • Non-Destructive Measurement
    • Display Chlorophyll Content Index
    • USB and RS-232 Connectivity
    • Lightweight, Hand-Held Design Optimized

    for Field Work
    • Large Memory with Built-in Data-Logging
    • User selected sample sizes for averaging
    • Stand Alone Operation- No P.C. Required The New CCM-200 Chlorophyll Content Meter provides fast accurate, chlorophyll readings on the intact
    leaves of plants and crops. No more grinding or destructive assays! The measurement is rapid, accurate
    and simple to obtain, allowing researchers and agronomists to gather and evaluate mission critical data
    faster than ever before. Especially useful for improving and Fertilizer management programs with
    corn and wheat, the CCM-200plus can be used on a wide variety of both C and C plants. 3 4

    The CCM-200 plus is designed to be the most repeatable portable chlorophyll content meter available. It
    incorporates a larger measuring area for signal averaging over a larger sample area. This approach provides
    a more reliable reading that takes into account small structure variations that can affect repeatability and
    reliability when compared to smaller area sampling. Accuracy of measurement is determined by correlation
    with chemical tests. Results have shown, that the CCM-200 is as accurate as any chlorophyll meter on the
    market and may be even more accurate on samples with very high chlorophyll content. Employing a new
    MEDICAL grade strict tolerance LED source insures repeatability and consistent meter to meter readings.

    The CCM-200 plus has the largest on-board memory of any chlorophyll meter, storing over 94, 000
    measurements internally, including GPS data. Users can record months of measurements as well as input their
    own comment lines without worrying about limited memory or lugging additional equipment such as data
    loggers or Pc’ s into the field. Data transfer is quick and easy through its universal USB 1.1 interface.

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