Jual Air Quality Meter LUTRON AQ-9901SD (T, Td, RH, CO2, CO, O2) hub 082124100046


Air Quality Meter (T, Td, RH, CO2, CO, O2) LUTRON AQ-9901SD

    Real time recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be download to the Excel, extra software in no need.
    Air Quality measurement application, multi-function: CO2 (Carbon dioxide), CO (Carbon monoxide), O2 (Oxygen in air), Humidity, Temperature measurement.
    CO2 range: 0 to 4,000 ppm x 1 ppm
    O2 range: 0 to 30.0 % x 0.1 %
    CO range: 0 to 1.000 ppm x 1 ppm
    Humidity range: 10 to 95 %RH
    Dew point: -25.3 to 48.9 °C, °C/°F
    Temp. range: 0 to 50.0 °C, °C/°F
    CO2 sensor: NDIR, long term reliability
    CO, O2 sensor: Galvanic cell type
    Humidity sensor: Precision capacitance sensor
    Alarm setting with the beeper sound output
    Sampling time for data recorder is 2 seconds to 8 hours
    Somplete set with 4 probes: CO2/Temp. probe, O2/Temp. probe, CO/Temp. Probe, Humidity/Temp. Probe, main meter and the hard carrying case
    Meter can cooperate with 2 GB to 16 GB SD card, SD card is optional
    RS232/USB computer interface

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