STAPLEX TFIA-2 Series High Volume Air Samplers alat pengambil sempel debu total di udara

HIGH VOLUME AIR SAMPLER ( HVAS) MADE IN STAPLEX - USA Model : TFIA-2 , TFIA-2F & TFIA-4 For indoor or outdoor sampling of airborne particulates. Specification : 0-70 cubic feet per minute ( cfm) [ 0-2 cubic meters per minute ( cmm) ] flow range Spot or continuous monitoring Built-in rotometer for instantaneous flow reading Includes 4 " ( 10.16 cm) diameter filter holder assembly For use in normal, non-explosive atmospheres Complete accessories available for use with Total Suspended Particulate ( TSP) , PM10 and PM2.5 Systems for U.S. EPA compliance - F feature includes built in flow adjuster - CDT Time feature allows to turn " OFF " or " ON " after a preset time or for use as an Elapsed Time Indicator) TFIA-2 220-240 Volts AC/ DC, 50-60 Hz Basic model TFIA-2F Includes built-in Flow Adjuster - 220-240 Volts AC/ DC, 50-60 Hz. TFIA-4 PORTABLE HIGH VOLUME AIR SAMPLER WITH BATTERY & BATTERY CHARGER For more configuration PM 2.5 , PM 10 and TSP pls contact to our office. We are direct agent from Staplex and own LA ( Letter of Agency )

HIGH VOLUME AIR SAMPLER TSP Model : TFIA-2 ===>>>> Include Tripod Mounting STAFLEX TR-1
Produk : Staplex (USA)
Fungsi : Alat untuk mengambil sample debu total di udara

Spesifikasi :
Motor/ Pump : Brushed, 2-Stage Blower.
Main Housing : Sturdy Lightweight Dural
Max Flow Rate : 40 CFM
Unit Net Weight 9 lbs.
Power Supply : 230 VAC, 50/ 60Hz, 5.5 Amp
Include :
Tripod Mounting STAFLEX TR-1

Sheet Plate for Tripod : 30 x 25 cm
Filter Holders : 4" inch diameter ( 1pcs )
Filter Paper : 4" inch diameter ( 1pcs )
Filter Paper : 4" inch diameter Glass Fiber ( 1pcs )
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