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R2 Series
400m/800m non-prism range
2" angle accuracy
Dual axis compensation
Guide Light
A unique and innovative EDM technology of RUIDE, enabling R2 Pro to deliver an accurate and long non-prism distance range up to 800m within stunning 0.3s. 4km range with prism can be easily reached with a high precision of 2mm+2ppm. 
Guide Light
R2 Pro is equipped with Guide Light on top of the lens. A red and yellow LED will flash with different frequency to assist the pole man to move the prism to the right position during stakeout. 
One of the most unique features of RUIDE's total station. A small sensor hidden under the keypad can detect the surrounding temperature and air pressure then calculate the PPM value and correct the distance result in real time. 
Multidimensional Compensation System
For physical compensation, the dual axis compensator with an ultra-sensitive CMOS detects any tiny movements of the E bubble, and correspondingly compensate on both horizontal and vertical direction. 
​For digital compensation, a unique algorithm is adopted to eliminate the horizontal collimation error and vertical index error. 
Dense Ball Shaft
Both vertical and horizontal shafts are embedded more than 100 steel balls, which makes R2 Series rotates smoothly and stably so as to deliver a higher angle accuracy. It also essentially reduces the chances of jamming if the total station encounters violent shock and vibration.
Easy and Fast Operation
Almost every single key on R2 series is performing a shortcut, allowing you to "jump" to most of frequently-used functions, programs, settings, and even a COGO in one step. 

Total Station Ruide RTS R2 :
Length : 154mm
Objective Lens Diameter : Telescope 45mm
Magnification : 30x
Image : Erect
Resolving Power : 3″
Mini. Focus : 1.0m

Distance Measurements
Single Prism : 5000m
Non Prism : 400m
Accuracy – Prism         : (2mm+2ppm x D)m.s.e
– Non Prism : (3mm+2ppm x D)m.s.e
Meteorologic Correction : ATMOSense ( Auto )
Prism Constant : Manual Input

Angle Measurement
Method : Absolute Encoding
Detecting System : H:2 Sides
Min. Reading : 1″/5″
Accuracy : 2″
Diameter of Circle : 79mm

Display Unit : Graphic LCD 160×90 dots with White Backlight
No. of Unit : 2 Sides
Keyboard : Alhanumeric Keys

Level Sensitivity
Plae Level : 30″/2mm
Circular Level : 8’/2mm

Optical Plummet ( Optional – Internal Laser Plummet )
Image : Erect
Magnification : 30x
Focusing Range : 0.3m
Field of View : 5

Data Storage & Inerface
Internal Memory : 10,000 pts or 20,000 coord. ( Fixed/SD/USB )

Guide Light : No
Weight : 5.4kg
Dimension : 340mm(H) X 160mm(L) X 150mm(W)
Battery Type : Rechargeable Li-on Battery, 7.4V, 3000mAh
Water & dust proof : IP66
Working Time : 16h

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